Monday, October 6, 2008

Paige's First Hog Hunt

Yep, that's me in camo hunting with Pat for wild hogs on our place. We sat in the ground blind tent for about an hour near the deer feeder. At 6:30 pm the deer feeder goes off. Pat got the tent and his gun ready and then we sat there for an hour waiting. While waiting we were texting and checking our email! He said that when he had hunted in the past week he saw the hogs come in about 7:30 pm. Sure enough, at 7:35 they snuck in. There is one huge sow and three babies. They have been rooting up the coastal, so they need to die! I saw them first and took a look with the binoculars. Pat shot and "bang" the blond pig was down and the rest were squealing as they ran off. The picture is not very plain, but you get the idea! That was fun! I don't like being cold so I don't hunt much with Pat, or should I say accompany him much. This was my kind of hunting....sweating! We have three more hogs to go. Maybe next weekend. Pat and I also did a lot of work this weekend with the cows. We are selling off some old cows so we had to separate the cows from the calves and then pair them at the end of the day. What is pair mean? You separate the cows from the calves and then wait about five to six hours so that the calves are good and thirsty. We then let two cows at a time in with the calves and then the calves finds their mama and wa-la a pair! Next weekend we are going back to work the rest of the cattle (vaccinate, worm, castrate and de-horn). I enjoy it, but it is a tiring job!

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