Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Am Still Here!

Hi there! Yes it has been one week since I have blogged and I have missed it! I have tried each day to do so. It has been a very busy week. My job the first of the week was to get bids on Sis' car so that it could be repaired and then get it in the shop. We are having it painted and repairs for minor damage, which will take two more weeks, so she will get to enjoy her rental Ford Focus for a couple of more weeks. I actually got to spend the day with Sis on Sunday as she needed new glasses. She went with me to church and then we headed out to the mall.
She actually chose a cool pair, but I don't have a picture yet. When we got outside she was astonished at what she "could" see. She was driving me crazy taking her glasses on and off and telling me what road signs she could see and at what distance.
G had a football game on Tuesday and they won 14 to 0. He had some good catches and several tackles. I was standing next to him a few minutes ago and he is now towering over me!
Bubba is working and going to school. He is very busy and loves his social life! He has really been doing a lot of drawing lately. His latest project was a drawing for a friend whose grandfather died and she wants a tatoo. So Bubba created a picture of a beautiful cross with her grandfather's initials in the middle.
I have been busy being Mom, but also designing florals. I have about five waiting on me and I finished three this week. Shopping for containers consumes more time than designing the arrangements. I also started a Bible study this week entitled "Becoming a Woman of Excellence". It has been so long since I have done a study with a group of women and I am looking forward to it. Pat, Bubba and G have their studies on Wednesdays too. Actually Bubba is a leader with his friend Arty for the seventh grade boys. Two weeks ago the boys joined St. Matthews. Pat and I were really proud that they took the initiative to join and become active. Although we do not go to that church, we are excited for them as they have found a church they love with an outstanding youth program.
Pat continues to do well and feels really good. He is busy at work and doesn't have time to think about feeling bad. I am so thankful! We are headed to the ranch this weekend!
A report on Cash the door dog! Just a minute ago he came in the door and shut it without being told. It still cracks us up! Also, he now knows that when everyone is gone to work or school and it is just him and I, it is time for his walk. Every morning when I walk in the door from taking G to school he starts whining and trying to open the door. So, Cash keeps me accountable for my exercise!
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