Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Tales

Coming up with titles is hard sometime, so don't pay much attention.  I just got back from watching G play football.  He had a two point conversion and he recovered an onside kick. Pat wasn't able to be there, so I texted him and the siblings.  I texted that G had a touchdown. Bubba texted me back and asked how?  He corrected me that was not a "touchdown".  Oh well. Whatever!  He did good.  I got it on video, but I don't have the cable to upload.  Sis, I need that, please.  
It is time for me to start planning the Promises Community Christmas dinner.  The event is December 13th, but the preparation begins now.  Approximately 500 invitations will go out October 30th.  It is hard without a computer, and I have to borrow Bubba's.  I saw my computer guy today at Chili's and I asked him why he wasn't home working on my computer, and he said that it is pretty much unfixable.  So, it looks like I am going to have to get a refurbished tower until I can get a new one.  Perfect timing wouldn't you say?

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