Saturday, October 11, 2008

Working the Cattle

Calves in the calf shoot being injected, notched and castrated if needed.
Pat gets to be the "mean" guy!
Pat dehorning a steer
Cash taking a ride on the four-wheeler

Saturday was a full day of working the cows and the calves.  Thanks to Uncle Bill and Lola, John, Brian and Lecia, we had a lot of help.  We sold a bunch of old cows last week, but we ran 85 head through and 31 calves Saturday.  The cows and bulls just have to be wormed, but the heifers and bull calves had to be injected, dehorned if needed, ear notched, and castrated if needed.  We now do castration by rubber bands if they are not too big.  The bands cause less trauma!  Wonder why? Ouch!  I never would have dreamed that I would still be working cattle at 46 years old.  Dad had Kelly and I working them with him when we were small.  It is a lot more fun when its yours cows and I am not made to do it!  Back then we didn't have a calf shoot and I had to sit on the calf while Dad worked them.  Good times! 
As you can see, Pat is back doing what he loves.  Playing with his cows and piddling at the ranch is favorite.  He is feeling so good and feels back to normal.  I am amazed and thankful to see how far he has come in two months.  He actually had a quarter pounder and french fries the other day for lunch.  That is major, but not healthy!  He has also maintained his weight, so he has had to go shopping for new clothes.  His job responsibilities have increased at work, so he is about to travel and get busier.  Pat looks wonderful and he is a picture of health!   We are so thankful and so blessed!  Thank you, Lord!
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