Thursday, October 16, 2008

It is Chilly and There are Frogs Here!

I know that my husband and boys are happy as it is chilly outside!  This weather reminds Pat it is almost "deer season".   They are always making fun of me because I am always cold. Actually I was being made fun of at the football game a couple of weeks ago because I had my sweatshirt with me.  JJ was having too much fun with me and continued her sarcastic comments that lasted via text throughout the night.  Yes it was 80 degrees, but when the sun went down it got cooler.
I am excited that my hubby is coming home tonight.  It has been such a long time since he has traveled and I sure have missed him.  He has been traveling since the day we were married, so it is something I am use to, but still don't like it.  Although when the cat is away the mouse will play....meaning I get lazy sometimes!  He calls me last night and asks "what is this I read about about your hair" I TRIED to explain it, but he didn't get it and he told me that was ridiculous seven times.  I said that he was not a woman and he would never understand.  (I don't think I will do this again.  Thanks goodness for my Nike cap!)  Another reason he needs to get home is that when something goes wrong around here, it will be when he is out of town.  This morning I fed the dogs and I heard them fighting.  Our dog, Pope, is a diabetic and requires two insulin shots a day.  He also gets to eat his special food twice a day.  Our other dog, Bear, only gets a biscuit. Well one of them was not happy and the fight started.  I hear them, run outside, fall on the porch with the needle in my hand and stick my finger while scratching and bruising my knee.  I saw blood, so I grabbed the water hose and was yelling at the top of my lungs.  I split them up until Pope finished eating.  I wonder what Dr. Bill, my neighbor who has the day off on Thursdays, thinks as he watches me act like a lunatic.
I was brought to tears last night when I read what my son wrote on my comments "Memory Lane".  That is what motherhood is all about.  Sis also writes often on my comments and I can't tell you both how much that means to me.  I am proud of all three of you!  I don't think G reads my blogs...I will have to ask him.  They are afraid they will read about themselves, I am sure.  
Two nights ago I was watching TV in Pat's chair (a rarity when he is home) and Cash came in the door.  I told him to shut the door, but he ignored me.  He comes around the couch and drops a frog on its back.  I look down and it is one big, fat frog and it was moving its legs like it was desperate to turn over.  I freaked. Thank goodness Bubba had just gotten home and he picked it up. I get the willies thinking about it.  G said that he wouldn't have touched it either.  What would we have done if it were left up to G and I to pickup the frog.  I would probably call Morris, my neighbor! 

Have a blessed day!
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