Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ranch Happenings

Cash Being Timid
Now I See What Fun This Is

Cash was introduced to the pond this weekend. It took him a while to get in, but he eventually did and he loved it. He played "fetch the stick" for a long time while Pat was hanging the game camera near the pond. He is still trying to get pictures of the rest of the wild hogs as there some some tracks around this particular pond. When it was time to go back to the house, Cash didn't like riding in the back of the truck. See, he is spoiled!

The Hico house got a new roof thanks to the insurance company. It has suffered a lot of hail and wind damage. We made the roof green so it can match the barn and the fences. Now we have to repaint the door and shutters green. Pat, get busy...I don't paint!
While playing with Cash at the pond Saturday, I got a text message from my computer guy saying that my hard drive crashed and he was not able at that time to retrieve any data. I begged him to keep trying to get my pictures. I backed up the day before I took the computer in, but I think it has been since April or so since I backed up pictures. It just makes me sick at my stomach. I am not one to print a bunch of pictures so they are stored on the computer. I have to rethink this now. The guys at church who play in the band on our praise team suggested an external hard drive. Yep, sounds like that is what I need. So, I encourage you to back up your computer if you have not done so lately. Grrrr!

Have a good week! Remember, there is no high like the Utmost High!

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