Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your So Vain Should Be Sung To Me!

I love new things and usually not too scared to try them out.  But, I am not a daredevil.  I heard about a new straightner for your hair.  I have had a chemical straightener on my hair for years now.  I used the Chi thermal process six months ago and loved it.  Recently I was told about a new process that is even better.  We will see as I had it done this morning. There is just one problem I am have to wear the conditioner on your hair for 72 hours.  Yep, I have to wait until Friday morning to wash my hair.  My hair stylist, Jamie, said that I will be amazed with the results when we are done.  OH MY GOSH!  I am not kidding you.  Right now I look hideous.  The process calls for this conditioner to be put on your hair and then blow dried. She then uses a very hot flat iron on each strand of hair.  My bangs are so straight they are sticking straight up and/or out.  Let me add that you cannot pin it, get it wet or bind the hair in any way.  I don't know what I am going to do tonight as G has a football game.  I wondered if I should stay home, but I can't do that. I love watching his games and I have to tape it for Pat.  Jamie's answer to that was "Well, when G sees your hair, he will be glad that you didn't go to the game".  Thanks, Jamie.  By the way, I am "married" to my hair stylist!  She has been doing my hair for 20 years!  So, I won't get mad and "divorce" her for making fun of me!  I will let you know on Friday how it turns out.  Guess I won't be going to Bible study tomorrow night either.  

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