Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Temporary Nurse Is Going to Oklahoma

Bubba is feeling better and so is Pat. Thankfully the rest of us in this family is well.
G tried out for a select team for the past few weeks and is now a member of the Texas Express. We meet the coach and fellow teammates on Sunday and then the rigorous schedule begins.
Sis is headed to Panama City for spring break with her friends. Sis, you be careful...I will be praying for your safety and safe return. I will miss you!
On my February 24 post I shared with you about my dad and his health. Well he has had a set back this week. He saw a neurologist today and he ordered an EEG and a spinal tap for tomorrow. We are still trying to find out exactly what is causing all of this. I am headed up there tomorrow to help him for a few days. I covet your prayers for my dad. His name is Buster.

Thank you God for this wonderful rain! This area of Texas needs it so desperately. We are looking forward to spring break next week and I believe they are calling for a beautiful week. After I get back to Oklahoma, I plan to head to the ranch for some R&R. Should be fun!

Have a great weekend!
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