Sunday, December 11, 2011


This weekend was a nice weekend full of basketball. Garrett's team finished third in the tournament this weekend.  They played really good against some tough teams and Garrett was presented an All Tournament trophy.  Yesterday Brian, Kelly and the kids came yesterday and spent the night with us.  We always have a great time together. 

For the past six months, Pat and I were making plans to downsize and sell our house.  We had already started driving the neighborhoods to see what our next move might be.  I will continue that plan by putting my house up for sale very soon, so I asked Brian and Kelly to help me begin that process by looking at all of my options.  So, I now want you, my friends and family, to know that my house is for sale and you can help me by putting the word out.   It is not listed right now as it would be much better for me if I could sell it without listing it as showing the house just stresses me out.  What I do know is that God has a plan for the kids and I, so I am waiting for direction.   

Today the kids and I went to the McNatt Christmas in Denton.  It is always fun being around the kinfolk, but it didn't quite feel the same with Uncle Mark or Pat not there.  Earlier tonight Garrett had to return to the ER due to a skin infection which is now a staph along with pain. Matt took him last night about 11.  As soon as we walked into the door from Denton, Matt had a migraine that continued to get worse.

If you have read many of my posts, you know that Sundays are my favorite days.  I was just thinking about that today after a friend wished me "sweet peace on your favorite day". My Sundays were my favorite day because it always began with waking up about 8 AM and walking into the living room and seeing Pat in his recliner, drinking coffee, reading the paper and watching the CBS Early Morning show. Just before the show ended, we left for church.  The afternoons were spent hanging out with the kids or just he and I.  Life Group began at 5:30 with hugs, wonderful food and great fellowship.  Many times during our drive home we would share deep thoughts that were initiated by our study or discussions. I don't know if Sundays will be my favorite day least for a while.

Have a blessed week!

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