Monday, December 19, 2011

Wisdom, please

I was just taking my make-up off and listening to KLTY radio.  Andrea, the night-time DJ asked, "If you could have anything for Christmas that didn't cost a thing, what would it be?"  I thought for a moment and my first thought isn't possible and that is an easy one to guess.  So, my answer would be that I would like the gift of wisdom right now.  I have God's peace and joy, but I need wisdom.   James 1:5 says, "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him." I am wearing Him out.

"When you bring Me prayer requests, lay out your concerns before Me. Speak to Me candidly; pour out your heart.  Then thank Me for the answers that I have set into motion long before you can discern results.  When your requests come to mind again, continue to thank Me for the answers that are on the way. If you keep on stating your concerns to Me, you will live in a state of tension. When you thank Me for how I am answering your prayers, your mind-set becomes much more positive. " ~Jesus Calling  

The past few days have been very busy for all four of us as we are trying to wrap up Christmas shopping, Christmas plans, basketball games (tonight and tomorrow), and work.  Matt and I are really busy at ABC (America's Best Choice Windows) trying to familiarize ourselves with operations and create a business plan for 2012.  I have been submerged in a new world and trying to get a game plan together before I return to work at the church on January 3rd.  I guess it is official now since I have my business card that says Paige Easterling, Owner.  Yikes! This is why I am praying for wisdom. 

Many of you have asked me if I am going to continue to update CaringBridge.  I plan to transition to my personal blog after the first of the year as I feel that our CB Journal was to be written around Pat and his daily battle against pancreatic cancer. Our personal life, trials, victories and happenings naturally were woven together these past 14 months, but I feel I need to phase out CB because this site was created for the purpose of those who are facing a significant health challenge.  I created in 2007 and have been updating it simultaneously with CaringBridge.  In 2008 when Pat was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, my blog was used then as CB is being used now.

We are missing Pat so much and some days are easier than others.  Thank you for continuing to walk alongside us as we greet the Christmas season and Pat's birthday, New Year's Eve. 

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