Monday, July 18, 2011

Colorado At It's Best

I am sad as this is our last day in Colorado as Pat, Matt and I head toward Oklahoma tomorrow morning.  What an amazing place and I can't thank God enough for His amazing gift of allowing us to come and have the best time ever.  I am also thankful that I have a job and a boss that will allow me to spend this precious extended time with my family.  I am particularly thankful for no injuries or accidents and I will tell you that there could have been.  Thankful that the Stowes, Wendy, Dennis, Grayham and Grayham's friend, Morgan, were able to joins us for four days. The list goes on!

Pat and Matt left really early this morning to go fly fishing, so I have been leisurely enjoying this morning and mountain air.  I sure miss Garrett and Elizabeth.

I would love to find the words to describe some of our experiences.  We had a few challenges in our rides on the four wheelers.  We were able to go on four of them.  Thursday afternoon Pat, Elizabeth, Garrett and I decided to take what we thought was a short ride on Wager Gulch which was really close to our campsite.  We were having problems with one of the four-wheelers, so we wanted to test it before we went on another long ride.  It was a beautiful ride that took us to a ghost town called Carson.  We kept riding and we realized there was a trail that would take us to the top of the mountain.  It seemed steep but doable.  So we took off to the top.  What a view!  Now it was time to come down and Pat said I don't think we can go down without sliding.  So, we made a plan.  We were going to zig zag down the mountain via the willows.  Willows are like really thick bushes.  I will post a picture so that you can see.  We started down by "walking" each jeep.  At one time it was on two wheels and Garrett and Pat were literally trying to use their body weight to maneuver it.  Elizabeth and I just watched, but I did decide to video tape it.  At least if the four-wheeler decided to roll down the mountain, I would have it on video.  My imagination was running...."okay, we might be in trouble as it is about 5:00 and if we have to walk and we won't get down the mountain before dark and we do not have any food and just a couple of bottles of water.  No one knows that we took a ride and Matt will be either furious or worried because we don't show up.  What if Pat can't make the walk.....crazy uh!  Well, I have to share with you where I got my peace.  As soon as Garrett and Pat started working their way down the mountain I was praying and I asked God to show me a purple flower. As I turned I only saw yellow and then there was one single purple flower in the midst of the yellow. (Got a picture of that too!)  I was then reminded that "God has this".  He did!  After it was over I asked Pat how scared he was between 1 and 10, 10 being the worst of fear.  He chose 7.  We made it home just in time for dinner!  Garrett said he wasn't scared either until he saw that his Dad was struggling too breath in the high elevation.   I was so thankful for Garrett's strong muscles!

The reason I asked for a purple flower is because most of all of the wild flowers here in the mountains were different shades of purple  You know what purple means to me these days and I just looked upon them as a God Hug!

Hope you have a great Monday.  I am trying to pack up some cool air for you so that I can bring it home!

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