Sunday, July 10, 2011

Loving This Colorado Weather

Good afternoon! It is a sweat shirt and shorts kinda morning!  I have to walk up to the lodge to get wi-fi and didn't want to last night because it was too cold!  I know, really! 

We are having a good time.  This place that we are staying, Castle Lakes, is just beautiful.  It has two beautiful lakes on the grounds.  One is for fly-fishing and the other is for rod and reels.  We hung close to the campsite (will post pics soon) yesterday so that we could get acclimated to the elevation.  Pat had a very rough night last night, but feels a lot better this morning.  Adjusting to the elevation has always been a problem for him anytime we come to Colorado, so not being healthy probably is causing him to adjust slower.  Please pray specifically that the rest of his days are good.

Matt and Garrett did a lot of fishing yesterday and caught four trout I believe.  Can't wait to eat them.  Matt just went into Lake City to meet up with friends that he met at RedCloud two summers ago. 

I have bought a ton of books to read while here and currently reading four.  One of the books I am reading, Good and Beautiful God, touched on something,  "I want to love the God that Jesus knows."  When I read that it maybe think just how much I have to learn about God and how far off my thinking is so many times.  I remember years ago praying to God that I want to love Him more than anything else, which includes my family.  I do love Him that much now and it has taken a lot of praying and seeking to get to that place...years actually.  I have to love Him more in order to love them better.  Loving them means surrendering them and you know I have mentioned my struggle in that area.  Now, I want to love the God that Jesus knows and that is my new search.  It may take arriving at my heavenly home to find that answer.

I had to pause just a moment to take off my sweat shirt.  Oh, the sun feels so good.  I have to give you all the details!

We are anxiously waiting on Elizabeth to get here, and it is really tough as there is no cell service here to stay connected.  We have to drive into the edge of Lake City to call which is about 10 or 15 minutes.  If you have ever been to Engineer pass, that is the road we take to Castle Lakes. 

Darn, I wanted to upload some pictures here and on Facebook, but forgot to download from my camera, so I will trek back up here and load later today.  I am sure that I will have album overload!

Thank you for walking with us on this journey!  We covet your prayers and know that they are being heard.  God is good!

Hugs from Colorado! 
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