Friday, July 8, 2011

We Made it!

We made it!  Safe and sound too!  It has been somewhat adventurous, but not too bad.  We left Fort Worth at 7:45 Thursday morning.  Pat started out driving with Matt following in the truck pulling the four-wheelers. I started driving about 45 minutes later and drove the rest of the way.  Didn't quite trust Garrett enough to pull a trailer.  He didn't care because he just lounged in the back watching movies and playing video games and napping whenever he pleased!  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Elizabeth Tuesday morning and then the vacation will really begin!

I have to share with you the coolest story!  We were on 35 headed toward downtown Fort Worth Thursday and this 18-wheeler was trying to get our attention.  I saw the guy, but ignored him.  Pat looked over and the guy was pointing at his bracelet "God Is Big Enough" because he saw that Pat had his on too!  Isn't that crazy!  I took that has a huge God hug that said "I got this go and have a great time"!  Well, He did as we had a couple of close mishaps.  We witnessed a 18-wheeler almost side-wiping a car and if he did, it would have caused us some damage.  Also while driving up in the mountains I was following the motor home and I saw the green liquid pouring out, but fortunately the radiator cap just blew off.  So, you see He was watching over us. 

Pat feels much better today than yesterday and did most of the driving from Ratone to Lake City.  We are just so thankful and excited to be here!

Lake City is where Matt was a camp counselor at RedCloud two summers ago, so he will be able to meet up with some buddies.  Garrett also attended that camp while Matt was here too with his buddy Grayham. 

There are two lakes here at Castle Lakes where we are staying.  One pound is just for fly fishing.  I know that fishing will be the boys' past  time and they are planning on doing that first thing in the morning. As soon as Elizabeth gets here we will check out some jeep trails. 

We do not have any cell service here, but as you can see we have Wi-Fi and I am out on the porch at their lodge and getting pretty chilly!  (I am so sorry to say that.)  So, email or Facebook us if you need us.  We can use our phones in town.

Thank you for your prayers that you have lifted up for us.  This trip has been planned for such a long time and I am absolutely thankful we are here and look forward to hanging with the family!  Miss you Elizabeth..can't wait to see you!  Missy, take care of Loco!

God is Big Enough!

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