Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello God's Country!

Hello!  I am came to sit awhile up here at the lodge to say hello!  Yesterday was a great day!  Matt surprised Garrett with an early birthday present...a new fly rod. Pat decided he wanted one, so all three are fishing constantly.  The lakes are just yards away from the campsite.  I have attached a photo of our view. 

Cash is liking it here, but he get frustrated because he has to stay on a leash.  He likes to bark at everyone who walks in front of the site or bark back at the neighbor's dog. 

Matt rode his four-wheeler down to RedCloud this morning and visited with friends.  I think the four of us might adventure out on the four-wheelers today. 

I mentioned that there is no cell service and there is also not any satellite, so we have been watching movies every night.  Last night we cooked some steaks and as we sat down to eat them Pat plugged in Red Skelton.  The boys asked who that was and Pat explained that his shows was one of his favorites  as a kid.  A few minutes into the show Garrett looked at me and said, "Is he supposed to be funny."  They didn't get Red.  The cool thing is that Red loved the Lord.

Matt just drove by the lodge, so he is back from Red Cloud.  I am going to go see what is on the agenda for the day.  It may be nothing, but that is okay too!

Wish you were all here enjoying this weather! 

Hurry up Elizabeth!


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