Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love You Uncle Mark

My heart is so sad as with the rest of my family as Uncle Mark is in Jesus' presence as of a few minutes ago.  His condition worsened over the night and surgery was not an option, so they removed the ventilator.  I would describe him as a Christ follower, a family man with a beautiful wife, three children and oodles of grandkids.  He stood for what he believed and sometimes he could be a little stubborn.  I saw him on Saturday the day before Father's Day at my dad's and we were able to laugh and tell stories.  I will miss him greatly, but I am so thankful he is not in pain anymore.  Judy, Jennifer, Chris, Jessica, Bill, Michael, Melinda and all those kiddos, I observe what a close family you are, and I know your heart is breaking.  May God surround you with His love and hold you with His strong hands in the days to come.

Pat's days have been better and he has really worked nonstop around here this weekend.  He finds that the busier he is, the better he feels.  Thank you for your love and concern in the past week. 

As I have said and I will repeat often, life is precious.  I always took good health for granted, but now I see what a gift it is. 

In His Grip,
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