Friday, November 11, 2011

Busy Weekend

Pat and I went to Hico this morning to begin the process of moving.  We have a farm house and a barn with lots of stuff that has accumulated.  Hico has been a major part of our life for the past 13 years and it is a difficult parting for all of us.  Awe the memories we have.  One of my favorite memories is all five of us taking our dusk ride around the pastures on one four-wheeler.  The kids were little and we all just piled on and around Pat as he drove us around real slow. 

Matt met us at the ranch this morning as he went last night to do some deer hunting.  He was showing me his new "buck call" and was telling me about his luck with his new toy.  He said he is waiting on the big one before he pulls the trigger and then he can add his trophy to all of the other deer heads we have. 

Pat did not have a good day as he is in extreme pain and he can't get comfortable.  We have all kinds of pain medications, but he wants to function so we are trying to find a balance. Helpless is how I feel.  Please pray that his pain will subside. 

Our busy weekend starts tomorrow.  Garrett has a scrimmage tomorrow morning at 10 at the high school and then time to prepare for PurpleStride, which will be Sunday morning.  I am excited about the event and so thankful for all of you that have donated to TEAM STP.  We only need $325.00 to reach our goal of $10K. 

We covet your prayers and we need them now more than ever. 

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