Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Pat has had a lot of pain since this weekend and Monday was no exception, so we met with Dr. Fredric Tuesday morning.  Our desire for the appointment was to try to get the pain under control and talk about chemo.  He suggested we make a complete change to his pain medication.  Methadone is a great pain medication for someone in Pat's condition, so we started that. Last night was a very long night as we were up most of the night trying to get his pain under control and having to call the doctor in order to know what to do next.  The doctor wanted to hospitalize Pat yesterday to administer this new pain medication, but we talked him out of it. So, when we called him early this morning he said to meet him at his office and bring a bag because he wanted to admit him.  By the time Pat got into the office, he was feeling much better, so I believe the medicine was finally starting to work.  We will know come morning how it is doing. We are both tired physically and emotionally, so my prayer is that we both get good sleep tonight.  In regard to chemo, we have it scheduled for Tuesday, but Dr. Fredric wants to admit Pat at Plaza to administer the chemo.  Needless to say, Pat is not happy about this, but I am just encouraging him to take one day at a time.

Last night was such a very special night.  At the basketball game it was Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month and many people had on their purple shirts.  There were purple ribbon everywhere, coaches with purple shirts and ties and purple wrist bands for the players.  It was so humbling to see so many people  supporting this needed awareness. 

The game last night was a wild one as it was a close game and Garrett got banged up a bit.  He had someone hit his eye and then he took a tumble and hit his head. But, he recovered and ended up playing a good game.  They beat Joshua.

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.  We continue to take one day at a time and are praying for God's wisdom, guidance and healing.


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