Thursday, November 3, 2011

Plaza Points

We must have racked up the Plaza points as we earned the suite this stay!  The regular hospital room with a room attached with two couches and two big screens! Wow!  Pat and I have been able to sit in here on the couch and watch our favorite show, Modern Family.  It was funny Cam!

We met with Dr. Yurvati tonight.  He will be doing the surgery tomorrow on Pat's lungs.  He will insert a video camera within the right lung and take a good look around as well as put in a temporary drain tube that will be there for a couple of days for drainage.  He said they will probably not start until after lunch and it will last about hour and a half. 
Pat is not happy about being in here again, but he is certainly ready for some relief from the pain that the fluid is causing. 

A couple of friends told me Garrett's picture was in the paper today, so I was able to find it online and I have attached it here.  The team is getting ready to start the season and their first scrimmage is this Saturday.

I will keep you updated tomorrow.  Thank you for all of your sweet messages and prayers.

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