Thursday, November 10, 2011


I realized I didn't update you on the CT results from yesterday. The good news is the cancer in the liver is stable. That really surprised us due to the fact he hasn't had chemo in such a long time. Now we are dealing with cancer in the lungs and liver. The doctor said it looks like we can do chemo next week if nothing changes.

Today Pat and I are going to Hico to start packing as we have a contract on our ranch. Closing is planned on the 22nd of this month. This will be difficult and my mind can't go there right now.

Thank you friends for buying and now wearing STP shirts. I love the pics you have sent me! Groups of people are wearing purple that we haven't even met. Wow! They are now being worn from as far as New York to California!

Please keep the Aylett family in your thoughts and prayers as his funeral was yesterday. Tom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just a short time ago. Lisa and I met a few years ago and Garett goes to school with their kids. My heart hurts for them.

Please realize how devastating this disease is and there is no cure, no early detection, and not enough money for research.

The Lord keeps telling me to trust Him and I am.

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