Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Report

Hi from Tulsa!

Pat and I went for our appointment today at 1 PM with our oncologist, Dr. Stheresta .  All of the nurses said that they have been watching Pat play with Cash for the past two days as their office windows face the parking lot where we parked the RV.  Pat was just grinning ear to ear sharing stories about Cash. 

We are not cancer free but the scans are good.  The liver spot that was ablated (burned) in April shows some slight elevation or activity which is probably causing the tumor markers to go up to 178, but stress can do that too. Dr. Stheresta does not want to to change any of the treatment for one spike in the tumor markers so we will continue same treatment, Gemzar and the oral chemo pill, Tarceva, a couple of more rounds.  She is consulting with the radiation doctor about doing another ablation on that spot.   The good news is that there is no evidence of anymore of the cancer in the bone or the pancreas. 

I want to share with you my conversation with our care manager, Adeline.  She knew I was upset as the doctors left the room as I so wanted to hear cancer free.  I saw her in the hall a little later and she asked me to walk down the hall with me and she sat me down in a vacant office.  She said that in all of her years of practice, she has never seen a patient with pancreatic cancer do as well as Pat is doing, much less continue to work as he has.  Adeline said that most of her patient's scans get worse each time they scan and very rarely stay stable.  With tears in her eyes, she said that Pat  is doing absolutely amazing and that she and her life group pray for a miracle of healing for Pat each week.  She reminded me that this is God's timing and not ours and she is right.  I am truly thankful for these precious people who are part of our lives here in Tulsa.  Walking into this center feels like a refuge of hope, love and encouragement.

When It was time for Pat to have his PET scan yesterday, Wayne, the radiologist, came out to greet us and take us back to prep Pat for the procedure.  I have talked about Wayne here in my journal before and his beautiful prayers.  He has become our friend as he has now prayed over us now three times since we began this journey here at Tulsa.  Wayne told Pat that he was put on another project for that day, but he wanted to be there for us so he asked to get Pat prepped.  That just touched my heart. 

One of our appointments today was with Dr. Yoeder, Pat's gastroenterologist.  He sat with us and looked over the scans.  He said that he knew that these good results were part of our faith in God and how important prayer is.  He wants do a procedure on Pat in two weeks that will check out his bile duct, pancreas and other areas to make sure that the stent and other areas are working properly.

We feel so loved by all of our friends and family and you truly are part of this journey.  We could not do this without your prayers and support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Pat & Paige
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