Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just A Wednesday!

Hello!  All is well around here and Pat is feeling fair.  I think he feels better than he did  a day or two ago.  Each day is so different.  He may feel really good one minute and awful the next.  We thank you for your prayers.

It is pretty uneventful this week and that is okay.  Elizabeth is working a lot of overtime, but she really loves her job.  She has some wild stories to tell!  Garrett is doing conditioning camp four days week at the school, so he gets up early.  Matt has been working everyday for Pat and he says he likes it, but he too likes his sleep. Actually, sleep is very important around here and there are huge nappers in this family.

This would be one of those ho-hum posts, so I am delighted that you stopped by....we couldn't do this journey without you!

I close with this:  "When we believe God for a blessing, we must have an attitude of faith and begin to act and pray as if the blessing were already ours. We should respond to God as if He has granted our request.  This attitude of trust means leaning upon Him for what we have claimed and simply taking it for granted that He has given us our request and will continue to give it" --Streams in the Desert. 

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