Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kelton!

A big happy birthday to my nephew, Kelton!  Wish I could have been there tonight to eat cupcakes with you!  Since he is 15 today, he will be getting his learners permit soon!  Yikes!  Love ya, Kelton!

I told Pat earlier this afternoon that this was one of those days that I love and appreciate.  This morning after coffee I started cleaning out my office.  I cleaned every file, drawer, nooks and hiding places!  That felt so good that I headed to the laundry room, my bathroom and closet and I just kept on going like that silly bunny on TV.  It feels so good.  I get so overwhelmed with all that I have to do when my house feels disorganized. 

While I was inside, Pat was outside working on his trailer and finishing up mowing the yard.  He has really felt good these last few days.  Good days for him are priceless.

Remember a few days ago I told you about Baby Cooper.  He is doing exceptionally well.  If you want to read the sweetest letter that his Nana wrote him on the blog his Aunt Katy created for Cooper, click here.  This letter will warm your heart, but I must warn you to grab a tissue.   Please continue to pray for Baby Cooper and his Mom and Dad, Jason and Karen.

Christ may delay coming to us during our times of distress, but it is simply so our faith may be tested and strengthened. His purpose is also that our prayers will be more powerful, our desire for deliverance will be greater and when deliverance finally comes, we will appreciate it more fully.  "With Christ in my vessel, I smile at the storm."...Streams in the Desert.


Reminder:   On June 16th, Pat will have a PET Scan and a CT.   Join me in praying for Pat to be cancer free!  
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