Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Wendy!

Hello!  The picture I have attached is a picture of Wendy Stowe, Jeannie  Carlson and myself.  We celebrated Wendy's birthday last night along with Elizabeth (Jessica, we missed you!).  There are no words to express how much you are loved by this family, Wendy.  All three of my kids think of you as their second mom and they have spent many hours hanging with you and your family.  You and I have been friends since our girls were in the 7th grade and our friendship has grown closer each year.  The very first time I officially met Wendy, I picked up Elizabeth at her house after attending Jessica's birthday party and when I arrived, everyone had a slice of birthday cake and a nice big carrot on the plate!  Wow!  I knew then she really was from California!

Pat and I consider Wendy our nutritionist too and has been there every step of the way in this journey by beginning research immediately the day Pat was diagnosed.  She shops for us, makes sure we have the best supplements and stays on top of what is new in the naturepathic world for fighting cancer.  She has juiced so many vegetables and made ice cubes and make sure we have plenty on hand and not to mention the many Costco runs.  She has bought us groceries and cooked many meals for us.  I know that I am embarrassing her right now, but I just want you to know, Wendy, that you have taught me what it is to give.  You have a heart bigger than anyone I have ever met and there is no way we could repay you for all that you do for us daily.  We love and adore you.

Pat's 107 year-old grandma, "Gan Gan" passed away. She was spunky, cute and full Czech!  I know that she is dancing in Heaven right now and is reunited with her sweetheart, Robert Earl!  Please keep Pat's mom, Christine and all of the family in your prayers.

Two more days of school left for Garrett!  Woo hoo!  Also, he got his braces off yesterday and he is smiling pretty! 

Tonight I have a very special prayer request for a very little Cooper Grayson Chandler.  He was born premature Sunday at approximately 25 weeks with the weight of 1.5 and 12.5 inches long.  He is my pastor's grandson, but I am also good friends with Cooper's Aunt Katy.  Cooper's grandmother, Gala, was Matt's second grade teacher, so you see we are connected and love this family very much.  He is doing remarkably well and breathing on his own, but the doctors say that he has many hurdles ahead.  God is still in the miracle business and so far little Cooper has been given God's grace (which is where they got Cooper's middle name, Grayson) and he is being  prayed for from coast to coast.  Lord, go before this precious little boy and hold his mom and dad's hand tightly as they walk each day trusting in you.

Sweet dreams!

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