Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Bad News and the Good News

The good news is that G scored is very first touchdown tonight! He caught two passes tonight and made some very good tackles. That was so exciting to watch as a Mom! Good job G! The bad news is that Bubba's place of employment, the local sporting good store, got robbed last night by four guys. He and his manager were helping these guys with shoes to try on and when the manager went to the back they shouted "lets go" and ran out of the store with about $500.00 worth of items. At the time Bubba was at the register and the manager was in the back. Bubba made a b-line straight to the back and pushed the silent alarm. He said that was the scariest night of his life. I am so thankful that they did not demand money or have any weapons. Thank you, Lord for protecting them.

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