Friday, September 12, 2008


Yep! "Watch out, mom is going to put that picture on her blog!" If I have the camera, look out! Just remember that those I love eventually get mentioned or their picture posted here!
Our day was full yesterday with two doctor appointments. We met with the nutritionist at the The Cancer Center yesterday and she was helpful in confirming what we know along with suggestions on improving Pat's diet. She touched on the Dumping Syndrome and then eating nutritionally. Since Pat has to focus on the quantity of food he eats, then his food should be quality, which means lots of fruits, vegetables, good fat, high fiber and protein. All this sounds familiar to all of us, but we all seem to get off track too. We also met with Dr. Lin. Pat got a good report and he is very pleased with the outcome. He can now workout and get back to his regular routine. Dr. Lin will see us in three months. He said that Pat will have to be checked every year for the next five years.
In between appointments, Pat and I stopped by the hospital and I introduced Sherri and Joe to Pat. Joe was having a good day and seemed excited to meet us. His journey has been tough and I ask that you continue to pray for him and his family. Joe said that he is ready to get home because he misses his dog. I left there remembering Joe's smile.
It looks like rain is headed our way. I know of families that are coming to our town to stay with friends and wait out the storm. Let's keep those leaving their homes in our prayers. I really can't imagine what that feels like and then have to do it many times as many of these evacuees have had to do.
I want to send birthday wishes to Amy Alston!

Have a great weekend!

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