Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still Smiling

Yes, I am still smiling, and if I am not smiling, I have tears in my eyes.  My heart is filled  with complete thankfulness.  This morning I was doing the dishes and listening to praise music on Pat's fancy IPOD.  My thoughts were about how this journey could have been so different. While praying today I told God that thanks and praise sure didn't seem big enough to thank Him.  My friend, Brenda from Idaho, sent the following message via text as soon as she heard our great news:  "To those who believe, will He not give that which you have asked for". Thank you for all of your sweet messages and your prayers of thankfulness. 
Remember the gentleman I told you about from our church, Joe, who had the same surgery as Pat last Tuesday?  He has had a major set back because he had to have the surgery again yesterday.  Since Joe had to have radiation prior to surgery, some of his tissue had died so he was leaking fluid.  Dr. Lin also did his surgery and he told Joe's daughter, Sherri, that this would be the last time he will be able to do the resection. I am asking that you take those mighty prayers and now pray for Joe, Sherri and her husband.  Sherri is his primary caregiver and she has two small children at home who are missing her.  She called tonight to update me and asked if Pat and I could come to the hospital and encourage Joe as he is losing his fight.  
No news on Sis' car, but truthfully, I really would not want it to be found now as it is probably stripped and damaged.  She is trying to stay positive, but she keeps remembering what she left in the car.  I told her that there may be a gift in this somewhere.
G had his first football game as an eighth grader.  It was a scrimmage but he got a lot of action.  Last night he was a starter as safety and receiver.  A terrible accident happened today while at practice.  There was a dog pile with two or three and  G heard the guy yelling to get off.  His knee was facing one way and the foot the other so it was broke and dislocated.  He went to the hospital by ambulance.  G is feeling bad and he said it was hard to look at.  Will you please say a prayer today for Mason?
Bubba is now a youth leader for his church for seventh graders.  Tonight was his first night, so I am anxious to hear how that went.  He seems to be enjoying school and work.
Pat and I go to see Dr. Lin tomorrow and meet with the nutrition.   


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