Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Day With Becky

Me and Becky
Becky, Brenda and Me

Friday was so much fun and such a gift to me. As I told Pat, I really needed this day. I left at 9:00 am and got home at midnight. Becky is an author, writer, motivational speaker and Life Coach. She has written numerous best-selling inspirational and motivating books and speaks to men, women and students on a variety of topics including prayer, leadership, balanced living, mentoring and parenting. The first book that I bought of Becky's in 1995 was entitled "Let Prayer Change Your Life". This book was one of four that I brought from Crossings for $1.00. That $1.00 changed my life as she taught me how to pray and journal. I have now been praying and journaling for 13 years. How did I meet her? Last year in February she was to speak at our church and I shared with a pastor friend of mine about what Becky and her books meant to me and he had the idea that I might be able to pick her up from the airport. I picked her up on a Saturday night and escorted her through the weekend until Monday. We became fast friends. When I picked her up that Saturday night I was so nervous about where she might want to eat. She chose IHOP! I was surprised and relieved. I had mentioned that my friend, Keith, was in the hospital and that the end was very near for him. Keith had esophageal cancer. She asked if I wanted to go and pray with him. We drove to the hospital, prayed in the chapel, and went upstairs to meet Keith and his wife, Jeanie. That was an emotional and moving experience for me and I was pretty much on a high for the weekend. It was so surreal for me to meet my mentor and experience God working all around me. After Becky left she and I stayed in touch. She came back to the Metroplex about four months later where Jeanie and I met her for the taping of "Life Today". After the taping guess where we went to dinner? IHOP! She is a health nut and loves their whole grain pancakes and I do too now! Back to this weekend. Becky spoke at two events on Friday and I just hung out with her and her assistant, Brenda. Brenda is a professor of Speech and Communication at Idaho State. We became fast friends. At the end of the evening as we were through with the event and we were driving to eat (IHOP again), she prayed the whole five miles for Pat and for me. I love how she encourages me and challenges me to be bolder and courageous in my walk with the Lord and to pray more. When we part, I always feel encouraged and refreshed. Wow! Becky, what an amazing day and I was so excited to spend it with you and Brenda! Love ya both!


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