Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy 24th Anniversary to Us

Lake Murray Lodge, Ardmore OK.
This is where we met on July 8, 1981

I actually met Pat while he was on vacation with his mother. I was the reservationist at Lake Murray. He asked me out for Pizza that night. He said that he liked my "yellow pants"!

This is a picture of Pat when he came to my house the following
weekend and went to the rodeo to see my Mom ride.
Pat and I at Homecoming 1982
Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Newspaper Announcement
Wedding Chapel

Pat and I were recently in Ardmore, and we drove by and took pictures. It brought back so many memories. The lodge looks so much smaller than I remember. I sure would like to replay our wedding day as we would be able to see those family members that aren't with us anymore.

September 8, 1984

Our wedding was small and so special! I cried before and during the whole wedding and i just don't remember much about the ceremony. That was before I knew about video taping. Management forgot to turn on the air conditioning in advance so Pat was dripping sweat through the whole ceremony. Also, did you notice that my flowers didn't match the flowers that were already in the chapel? I certainly didn't know about floral design then. I wish I hadn't chosen a hat and went with the veil. I think it really looks silly now! After the wedding we had a reception at the Ramada Inn in Ardmore then off to to Hawaii the next day. Can we do that honeymoon again soon, Pat?

I received via text this morning this message from Sis. Thanks Sis!

Happy 24th anniversary to my parents who I love dearly. I am so blessed and thankful to have you two in my life and so glad that I have such a wonderful relationship to look up to and hope to have one day. I love y'all so much! Have a wonderful day!

Looking back on the 24 years, it got easier each year. We are blessed to have a very happy marriage and thankful that God is in the middle of our relationship. Our marriage would not be what it is today without Him!

I am thankful for you, Pat and love you with all my heart!

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