Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Thursday

Hi All!  What beautiful weather today.  I love the change of the seasons.  Every morning, including last week and this week, I have been walking Cash after I get back from taking G to school.  He has already caught on and just goes nuts when he sees me put on my tennis shoes.  Many of you that have met Cash knows that he can open the door from the outside when he is ready to come in.  Well......he can now close the door after he comes into the house.   I am not kidding you (just in case you are impressed)!  I really don't want to be one of those people who loves their dog and tells everyone about it.  I am going to try to video tape it and then post it so that you can all see.  Don't hold your breath waiting though.  
Pat is still working half days and says that he feels good today.  He is trying to eat his six small meals per day.  We were at the hospital Tuesday to visit our good friends, Grant and Ashley Hall as Grant was having surgery.  He will be in the hospital about ten days also.  My heart went out to them as we have been there...done that. I just remember what a long week that was and I didn't have two small children to worry about like they do. Please keep Grant and his family in your prayers.  Grant use to mow our lawn as a teenager and as a teenager he had a very successful landscaping business.  I admired Grant so much that I always said that I  hope my boys grow up to be like him.   I wanted to mention that while we were in the waiting room we ran into Dr. Lin, Pat's surgeon.  He looked at us kind of funny You know that look of someone being familiar, but out of place.  He told Pat that he looked good.  We will see him next Thursday for a follow up visit. 
While I was at the hospital today visiting Ashley and Grant, they were telling me about a man from our church that had the same surgery (esophagectomy) on Tuesday that Pat had.  His daughter, Sherri was talking to Ashley today and said that she would like to meet me so that I could share with her about our experience and what they can expect.  I walked over to the same ICU where Pat was and introduced myself to Sherri and I met her dad.  How do I describe that moment?  I felt honored to meet her and I feel like this is exactly what God orchestrated for the two of us. Please pray for Sherri and her father.  
I am so excited about tomorrow as I am going to spend the day with Becky Tirabassi.  She is speaking at Southlake tomorrow for a luncheon and a conference tomorrow night.  She has asked me to work her book table.  If you would like to know more about this author, speaker, and amazing woman, visit her website at  I want to share with you in the next day or two how I came to meet her and how her book changed my life 12 years ago.   
Have a blessed night!

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