Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello Thursday

Huge Grey fan! Grey's Anatomy returns to night, can't wait!
and I drove to get Sis' car at her apartment yesterday. It was scratched and trashed on the inside. It looked pretty sad. I now have to do the "mom" stuff to get it fixed and get the insurance check. Had to go cut my hair again as I didn't quite care for the look. I had the ends of my hair razored so it had to be cut off, so I have a "boring" bob.
I will have to get use to does grow back I know. Just had it done today, so haven't got the fam's reaction, which is usually they don't notice because I live with males and I have to say "Do you like my hair?" They don't really want to answer me most of the time! Still love them though!
Please continue to keep Joe in your prayers (he had the same surgery Pat had). He got to go home last Friday, but he is still on the feeding tube with liquid supplementation. The doctors wanted him to go home and heal some more as they found a small leak. Therefore, he has to have another swallow test next week.

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