Monday, September 15, 2008

This is my favorite weather ever!

Today it was in the 80's and felt wonderful.  The cool brisk morning while walking Cash just put me into an instant good mood.  I love how Fall smells!  Pat says that it reminds him of approaching deer season....please!   The Cowboys are playing as I post this and Pat is cheering on the first touch down with TO (I heard him begging TO to not show out!)  G is actually at the game and watching his first professional football game.  He is so into football now and loves to play the sport himself.  He has the first season game tomorrow Away.  I love watching him play, but I get that "O my gosh, please don't get hurt" look on my face when I watch him.  He tackled two guys at once during the scrimmage game last week.  Pat was hootin and hollerin and I was cringing!  Basketball is a calmer sport, G!
Pat is still trucking right along.  Today he really didn't feel very good and I think that these days are hard for him as he just wants to feel good and feel normal.  Continue to pray for Pat's continued healing and that his body will adjust to his eating.  He is back on his treadmill and ready to get back in shape.
Still no word on Sis' car, but that is okay as we don't want the car back now.  She came home this weekend in her little rental car.  It was good to see her.  She always makes us laugh!
Sunday evening our church is having a musical and my friend, Bill our music pastor, asked me to give a small testimony on my perspective of how our family has have been blessed during Pat's journey since he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in June.   I was just making a list of the blessings and answered prayer on paper and five minutes is just not long enough to tell of them all.  My prayer is that God will speak through me as I share and that He receives all of the glory.  "Lord, I pray that I never forget.  I pray that I will always remember this journey even though we did not know where we were headed and we feared the unknown. I pray that I never forget your faithfulness and the sense of your presence at all times.  You bent down to hear my cries, my prayers and my thankfulness.   I am changed and I don't want to forget. I love you, Lord!"  

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