Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Chemo or Radiation Required!

I am so excited!  The oncologist, Dr. Ross, said that Pat does not need any further chemo or radiation!  We are seeing a miracle right before our eyes.  Dr. Ross has such a great personality and he is so easy to talk to.  He said that he wanted Pat to continue healing and return on November 10th for some MRI's and x-rays of his chest and stomach and then follow up with a visit with him on November 18th.  He said that Pat will have to watch over his shoulder for the rest of his life for the return of the cancer and there is an 85% chance that it will never return. He will be checked regularly.  We are also meeting with a nutritionist on Thursday so that we can education ourselves on the proper nutrition to keep the cancer at bay.   Thank you again for all or your prayers and your specific prayers that were prayed in the last few days for our specific meeting with Dr. Ross.  My specific prayer was that he would not be required to have further treatment.  Thank you, God!  
One last thing to end your reading, Sis got her car stolen in front of her apartment sometime this morning.  So, if you know her at all, she is devastated!  She finally got her rental car ten minutes ago.  I told her that our God has shown how big He is and He will take over her worries.

Big Hugs!

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