Friday, November 7, 2008

Crazy ADD Mom

It is crazy this time of year! This time of year I have to stay focused. I do a lot of fretting and praying! I ask God to keep my ADD intact. It is not unusual for Pat to come home and the laundry is not finished and there are no groceries. The floor may have been swept, but the piles of dirt have not been picked up and put in the trash. The car may look like I have lived in it for days. The vacuum cleaner just might be in front of the back door because Cash was chewing G's football gloves so I scolded him and sent him outside. This time of year is when you hear me say "Your on your own for dinner!". Yesterday my sister calls me and says that Dad asked "Is Paige stressed?" Well, maybe! is for a good cause! I am in the middle of planning this Christmas dinner for 500. This is only temporary insanity and I love it that my family is patient with me. I love it that they enjoy this event as much as I do and only gripe a little when it is peanut butter and jelly for dinner. I love you, my little family, for putting up with me!
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