Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Good-byes, Just See Ya Later

You know, I have been married 24 years and you think saying good-bye would be easier when I leave hubby, but it is not! Why? I am leaving tomorrow for Colorado to do a decorating job. My sister, Kelly, is going with me because it is her sister-in-law. We have been trying to get this trip in now for about nine months. I am excited to spend some one-on-one time with my sis and this will be the first time we have actually taken a trip together. I know...that is sad. Dana, her sister-in-law, has a huge list and we will be running around like crazy fools. Love that though. I love to shop and would rather use her money instead of mine! Pat has to go out of town tonight for a board meeting, so our paths will not cross until Sunday. I am trying to make it easy for him while I am gone. I am actually trying to think ahead of what he might need while the "mom" is gone. I will make sure the dishwasher is ready to be loaded and the house is picked up with groceries stocked. I will make sure that the boys are all lined out in what they have going on. I will rely on Bubba to cart G around! That guilt creeps in when I leave and I know that shouldn't happen, but it does. I have always had a hard time telling my kids good-bye when I travel or gone for an extended stay. Well, now that I think of it, I don't even like it when I go to the ranch without them. Well, I better get to that "to do" list as it keeps getting longer. Say a prayer for them and me!

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