Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Miracle

Do you remember Joe? To read more details about him click here. Joe is the man who had the same surgery in September as Pat did to remove his esophageal cancer and I asked for you to pray for him. I saw another miracle today because Joe was baptized this morning! As I stood in church this morning with his daughter, Sherri, along with her husband and two small children as he was being baptized, I just cried! I was so thankful that Joe received the great gift of salvation and I was able to witness this amazing transformation. Joe was such a sick man in September and I wondered at the time if he would make it through. He was in the hospital over two weeks as he had to have the same surgery again to repair a leak in his esophagus. I am reminded again today that God is still the God of Miracles and he allowed me now to witness two. "Thank you, Lord, for your healing hand upon Joe and through his painful journey he found you! May you continue to pour your love and blessings upon Joe as he walks hand in hand with you each day". Amen
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