Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meet "Weenie"

"Weenie" is about 15 hours old here.

Pat and I arrived late afternoon in Hico Friday night and discovered that one of the cows was ready to give birth. I have been around cattle my whole life, but I have never seen an actual birth. I have assisted in pulling a calf which is forcing the calf to be born by pulling it...I know it is gross, but it saves their lives most of the time. Anyway, I jumped on the four-wheeler to go watch. I found her, poor thing, in the pasture and she was not comfortable. She would getting up and down repeatedly. I could see that the baby calf's hooves were showing, but she wasn't ready yet. It got dark so I put the lights on her. She finally layed down. I was texting Pat back and forth. I wanted to make sure that she was not in trouble because she was not progressing very fast. Pat said to come and get him. Did you know that she had that baby while I was gone for ten minutes. When we rode back out there, the mama had already cleaned the calf. I was so mad. Pat did point out that she probably was waiting on me to leave! The little bull calf, pictured above, was precious. Since he was born on Halloween, I named him "Weenie". Bubba and I got to pet him the next day. I was so proud of that mama and she didn't even have a choice of an epidural! Birthing is certainly a miracle!

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