Monday, May 30, 2011

The Holiday Weekend!

Hey there!  Yes, it has been since Thursday since I have been on here at CB, but it is difficult when there is not a good reception on your phone and your at the lake.

It has been eventful I must say. Thursday night Pat and I went out to eat and went to pick up the RV.  It finally started after a few hours of charging, but we new it needed a couple of new batteries.  So Friday morning Pat took care of that and I got the house cleaned and went to the grocery store.  As I was leaving the store about 3 PM, Pat asked me to go to the auto store to get some starter fluid.  To make a long story of four hours short, the RV was parked in front of our house, but would not start.  It so happens that Garrett's girlfriend's dad has an RV business with mechanics, so he stopped by Friday night and took a look at it.  He told us to expect his repair men the next morning.  They fiddled around with it and got it started quickly.  So, we loaded up and was out of here by Saturday at noon headed to Lake Whitney.  

When we arrived at 1000 Trails at Lake Whitney, most of the good spots were taken around our friends that we were joining, so we finally found a good place.  We set up and ready to have a good time. While we were there Garrett and Matt had great luck fishing.  Elizabeth and I had some good pool time.  Pat went scouting around Whitney to locate his great, great grandfather's grave.  

Saturday after lunch the boys wanted to go back to the cliffs and jump and asked us to go with them.  All five of us loaded up and walked on the trail to the cliffs.  Matt gets up there, about 30 ft. and jumps, followed by Garrett.  There were a couple of other guys jumping too. The boys talked Elizabeth into jumping and she gets right up to the edge and off she jumps.  Pat, Cash and I watched them for a bit and  I hear, "Mom, you try it!"  I said, "Nah, I don't want to."  One kid says "Aw, come on Mom, you can do it. Why not?"  I answer, "I really don't want to do my hair".  (That answer didn't work either.)  They kept trying to talk me into it and I heard Pat say, "Mom, you can do it!".  Okay, I decided I would (too quickly).  I take off my earrings and wedding ring and go to the edge.  The water looks far away.  I peak out there and look down.  I stand there.  I stand there.  I keep standing there.  The kids are encouraging me.  Pat is telling me that I can do it. There is a guy next to me and he says, "I did it with my shoes on".  I am thinking so?  All three of the kids said they would do it again and I can watch.  Garrett jumps.  Elizabeth jumps and they both are treading water.  Matt is sitting bedside me as I stare into the water.  He quietly says, "Mom, this is what it was like at Camp Redcloud when little kids would stand there for three hours before they did ropes".  Well, I wasn't going to take three hours.  My mind was convinced that I could do this, but I was scared to death.  I couldn't picture myself jumping.  I wasn't scared of the water, I was scared of the feeling of jumping.  You know the stomach in the throat feeling.  After about ten minutes Pat said "I am not waiting anymore."  I said "Wait! I will".  I stood there another five minutes and all were tired of waiting.  I wanted to jump so bad.  A couple of times I had a false start and I scared them and they all yelled at me.  Finally,  I said I am going to do it and I did!  I plunged into the water and when I came up I heard cheering!  I survived and it wasn't that bad.  No, I didn't do it again!

We had dinner each night with our friends the Greens, Vernons, Haralsons and the Williams. They are all camping pros, and had this group thing down.  What fun!  It was time to load up and head home this morning, but we were going to make a stop at the donut shop on the way home.   The boys were riding in the RV with Pat and Elizabeth and I were each driving a pickup.   We arrive at the donut shop and the boys get out and said that they heard a loud pop and all of the dash lights were blinking. It wouldn't start.  We go into the donut shop and they have about 12 donuts left and not too many of our favorites. (The trip was going down hill by the minute.)  We each ordered and head back to the RV to sit and make some calls. Pat and I sent the kids home with the food and two and a half hours later, the tow truck came and off it went with the RV and we head home. That is our weekend full of fun and frustration, but we had a great time together.  

Tomorrow Elizabeth starts her new job working two days this week while finishing up her other part-time job.  She is excited and we are too!

Pat has been feeling pretty good.  He has what we call episodes where he feels an extreme fatigue and has to work through that, but overall good.  He gets another two weeks off before we return to Tulsa.

Hope you enjoy your short week this week.

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