Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 McNatt Christmas

What is a McNatt? That is my maiden name. My dad, Buster, has four brothers and sisters: Fran, Virginia, who goes by Sissy, James (sometimes known as Mark) and William, who goes by Bill. To this day, this family has been tight and close since these children were born to Arby Ray and Margaret Revelle McNatt. (Their names crack me up. Many of us in the family tree carry with us these beautiful names!) Each Christmas Eve these growing families would meet in their very small house in Watauga, Texas. Maw-Maw would answer the door "Christmas Eve Gift". For many years, many of us try to call extended family members and say the phrase "Christmas Eve Gift" before the other person says it. After they passed on, our annual Christmas tradition was moved to my Aunt Sissy's home. Due to this large family, which I believe has grown to a total of 70 this year, meets the second Sunday in December. The tradition includes great food, a moment of announcements, prayers and praises, singing of Christmas carols, small children singing solos of their favorite Christmas songs, Aunt Lola singing her favorite Christmas song, and then we all sing "The 12 Days of Christmas" with everyone divided into twelve groups. Aunt Sissy and Uncle James each year insists that they get to sing the "Five Golden Rings"! It is a hoot and it really sounds terrible, but there again, tradition is important! Following that, we do the White Elephant Exchange with lots of manipulating of the exchange, laughing and stealing! We actually came home with the gift we wanted which was an air mattress. Spouses that are introduced to this event usually do not enjoy it!

Neither one of us would say this is a flattering picture (couldn't find our lipsticks either), but many say my cuz, Tonya, and I look more and more a like each year! Most of us "McNatt" girls inherited our grandmothers sunken eyes and sharp facial features!

My sister, Kelly, ended getting my floral arrangement in the White Elephant Exchange!

With over 70 people, this was my crew in our seated section. The redhead, Mr. P, and Eli (plaid shirt) were our guests! Since it is tradition that the "McNatt Famiy" sing the 12 days of Christmas, we were to sing "Six Geese a Laying and "Seven Swans a Swimming".
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