Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yep! The dust is so thick on my desk that I could write your initials in it!

Oh I am not complaining, I am really not! But it is so crazy around here. All of my calls from friends and family begin with "I know that you are super busy, but....". I am not too busy for my friends and families, so stop that! My precious husband was cleaning house when I got home from church late on Sunday morning! He will get his wife back on Sunday! You are a peach, Pat!
My blogger friend, Jillian at Jillian Inc. begged her fellow blogger friends to remove our pumpkins and scarecrows from the front porch as soon as possible, so I went out immediately and removed them. Thanks for the push, Jillian! But, there is still not a Christmas wreath, stocking or tree to be found around here, yet!

Does he look guilty to you?

May I just rant and rave for a moment though? Cash, our lovely puppy, GOT THE RED INK GEL PEN AGAIN last week. I know, I know. It is the dog's fault the first time and mine the second. I just love journaling with my red gel ink pen. I lay it down by my chair in the office when I am done. I never dreamed he would do it again! So, I tried the hair spray (four bottles, Teresa) and the spots are now pink. I even cried while I did it! I was so frustrated. The carpet is ruined now. I hope Santa will bring me some wood flooring for Christmas! Santa, do you hear me?
Good news! I am so excited! Every child (364 total) that is attending the Promises Dinner Saturday will receive a bike!!!! This is a dream come true and a prayer I whispered a few weeks ago. I should have known that God heard me loud and clear! Thank you Lord! My friend, Lynn, as we speak is out shopping for each bike by size and gender. I can't wait to see those kiddos' faces Saturday! Great, complete, and wonderful chaos!

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