Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still Trying to Catch Up

I shouldn't even be blogging. The tree is still begging for ornaments. There is not one Christmas decoration out except for the wreath on the door. All the family is coming to my house so I do have motivation you see! I also need to get started on my shopping, make three floral arrangements and send out Christmas cards. Yesterday I cleaned and cleaned on my office. It just needed order. Pat says it won't last long! Our dog, Ms. Bear, had to have unexpected, emergency surgery this morning. I can't spell what is wrong with her, but it is that she should have been spade a long time ago, and now her uterus is huge. She is recovering now. Oh Gosh! I dread seeing the $$$$$ on this. Four more days until school is out. I am ready! Pat's holiday vacation begins on Friday too! Bubba and Sis are loving being out of school for several weeks. Well, better get going....BTW, my family is excited today because I cooked and we will be eating a nice, juicy roast, mashed potatoes and whatever I can find to go with it! Yum!
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