Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are We Going To Win Rangers?

Here we sit again watching the Rangers again and hoping they win this thing.  Have you heard of Pinterest?  It is great fun while watching baseball. Pinterest is like opening a new magazine each day. 

I have been very impatient these past two days because of the time I have had to wait to get results and/or phone calls from doctor offices here in Fort Worth.  Pat and I are so spoiled because when you are in Tulsa, all the doctors are under one roof and you get your lab results within two hours.  I have been waiting on the results from Pat's blood work from Tuesday just prior to having the fluid drained from his lung.  Those results came in today and his blood work looked good.  His magnesium was low, so he will add a supplement to increase it.

I also had a nice chat this afternoon on the phone with Dr. Shrestha in Tulsa as she went  over all of Pat's medical records from his stay in the hospital. It was nice to know that her recommendations are aligned with Dr. Fredric, our oncologist here in Fort Worth.   We will meet with Dr. Fredric Monday morning to discuss the next treatment plan.

There is one thing that I am concerned about and that is the fluid that keeps returning in Pat's lung.  Tonight he is complaining that it feels as if the fluid may be building.  Dr. Shrestha recommended that we discuss with our doctors here in Fort Worth about putting in a drain tube. 

Overall Pat has felt a little better, but at times he can experience pain or extreme fatigue in a moment's notice.  Some days are better than others of course, but his attitude amazes me. He is ready to begin his treatment again and keep up this fight. 

What I do know is that he is everything to me and my love for him continues to grow more and more each day.  He is my hero and after 30 years he still causes those butterflies in my stomach.  Oh, how I pray that my children find their soul mates and know what it is to love and be loved as I have.  I love you, Patrick!

Hoping for a big win tonight, Rangers!

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