Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goodbye Ms. Bear

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We are still at the Plaza!  I think it is time for Pat to go home as he is feeling better and he is restless.  The longer he stays here the more his back hurts from the beds.  We met with the Dr. Keller and he thinks Pat could possibly go home today, but he is concerned with his low potassium.  They are giving him oral potassium, antibiotics and now weaning him of his IV nutrition.  They will test is potassium this afternoon and we well meet with Dr. Frederick, our oncologist, to get his input.  Please pray today is the day.
Yesterday was sad for us as we had to put our aging dog, Bear, to sleep.  Matt noticed that she wasn't doing good, so our good friend, Andy, came to the rescue and took Bear to the vet.  Her health has been declining and I know she missed her companion, Pope, who died last year.  Bear was a sweet dog and was always generated great conversation because of her unique look.  When she was a baby, she was run over by a car and had her mouth wired.  Due to the car accident, one of her ears appeared to be on the top of her head.  Pat always called her Marty Feldman! 
Hopefully I will be able to report from home next time I log on here at CB.  We are all weary and ready for home sweet home.
Order your t-shirts for TEAM STP.  Alison Haralson has set up a paypal for those who are out of town.  We will charge $15 for the t-shirt and $2.50 for shipping.  All of the proceeds will go directly to TEAM STP who is participating in PurpleStride on November 13th.  Alison's email:  We are ordering t-shirts for the kiddos too!

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