Friday, October 28, 2011

Bring It Home Rangers!

Watching those Rangers again and this is it guys!  Bring home the Championship!

I am excited as my sister, Kelly and my niece, Brianna, are on their way here and we get to hang out this weekend.  Since Pat and I have not been taking the train to Oklahoma City lately, I have not seen her as much.  There is nothing like sister time!

Pat went to work for just an hour or so this morning and had to come home as he was just not feeling good.  I am afraid that the fluid is building again in his lung.  We will address this Monday morning with the oncologist.

Basketball season started Wednesday for Garrett and after school practices have begun.  He has his first scrimmage Nov. 5th and the first game on Nov. 15th.  I am ready!  There will be some travel this year as the district 3A will include Mineral Wells, Decatur, Lake Worth, Bridgeport, and Castleberry. 

Hope you have a great night. Pat, Elizabeth and I enjoyed some Fuzzy Taco enchiladas tonight and were quite tasty.  The boys are with friends watching the game. So, come on Rangers!

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