Thursday, October 13, 2011

Still Here

Good Morning! Pat feels a lot better today.  The first thing I saw him do when he woke up was go to the mini-blinds and let the sunshine in! 

Pat's stomach issues are better, but now he is nutrapenic.  He will have to stay here until he gets his white counts back up.  See the definition below:

Definition:  Neutropenia is a condition in which the part of the blood that protects a person from germs (called the immune system) doesn't work properly. Specifically, people who have neutropenia don't have a particular type of white blood cell - called neutrophils (pronounced NEW TROH FILS) - which helps the body to kill germs - especially bacteria. This means that people with neutropenia are more likely to get sick from bacteria than other people (even good bacteria that is normally helpful in digestion, skin care, etc.). People with neutropenia just don't have the same abilities to kill and control bacteria that other people have.

Needless to say he is bummed, frustrated and ready to go home.  Please pray for peace and patience as he waits for his body to heal as well as strength and endurance.

The doctor has put him on clear liquids and he is now having to take nutrition via an IV.  His jello looked really tasty this morning.  I had to hide my biscuit and gravy so he couldn't see it, and by the way, their gravy here is excellent.  I know, I know it is not on my diet, but I am enjoying comfort right now. 

Since I have not been able to run, I guess I am going to have to put my tennis shoes on and go up and down the that is harder than running.

Thank you for all of your messages, encouragement and prayers as we continue on.


Information on Texas Purple Stride:  We have raised $4,485.00!! Wow!  Here is the link to donate: copy and paste:

You can also Google "Dallas Purple Stride".  Right at the moment I am number one in the individual top fund raiser and our team is in fourth.  Let's move it to first!  Thank you to all that has donated. 
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