Sunday, October 23, 2011

Go Rangers!

Now as I type the Ranges are wining 4 to zip at the top of the 9th!  Wow what a game!  The picture you see if of our friends the Thompsons and the Rosses holding up their signs for Stand Up For Cancer which has Pat's name on them.    Shelly Allen sent me a picture of her sign that she is also holding up for Pat.  Pat is so loved.

He has not had a good day.  He has had extreme fatigue, pain in his shoulder, which is new, and he says his whole body hurts.  I just feel so helpless and just want him to feel good.  Please pray for relief from the pain.

The first round of t-shirt orders will be sent in on Wednesday.  If you want a t-shirt, please email Alison at   We are at about $6000.00 for TEAM STP.  Help me reach my goal of $8,000.00 now.  I am really dreaming of $10,000.00!  It doesn't hurt a thing for this girl to dream!

Have a blessed week!  Go Rangers!
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