Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Report

We are in our hotel room after a long day that started at 4:45 this morning.  We met with Marie our nurse practitioner and discussed Pat's treatment in Fort Worth.  After much discussion we have decided that it will be best for Pat to come to Tulsa every other treatment for now.  Texas Oncology tells that they will work with our oncologist here, but the doctors warned us here that we really need to meet with a doctor to determine if they will follow CTCA's plan.  If you know of a specific oncologist at Texas Oncology that you think would be a good fit for us, please email me. 

Pat didn't have tumor markers run today so there is not much to report.  We began chemo about 2:00 and left the infusion center about 8:00 so it was faster than the last time.

Right before Pat had his chemo I got a call from Matt and he had a severe migraine and felt numbness and had clouded vision. Thankfully, my friend, Laura Lankford, lives in West and she dropped what she was doing and went to get Matt and take him to the ER.  Matt also works for Laura at Point West Bank.  They gave him some fluids and medications and he was able to go back home this afternoon.  The last time Matt had a severe migraine like this I was in Oklahoma taking care of my dad while he was in the hospital.  I have thanked Laura 14 times today and I am thanking her again! I am also thankful Matt's girlfriend, Missy, drove to Waco to check on him. 

I am getting sleepy! 

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