Tuesday, October 4, 2011

God Has Amazed Us Again!

God has amazed me again today! Today was an exciting one for our family and I want to share it with you.  Beginning in two weeks, Pat will be able to get his chemo treatment here in Fort Worth. 

A couple of days ago Pat asked me to email our care manager,  Adeline, and ask her if it would be possible if he could get his chemo treatment in  Fort Worth.  I hesitated and said that it probably wouldn't work and gave several reasons why I thought it wouldn't be possible.  With a heavy sigh, he asked me to do it anyway.  So, today I emailed Adeline and within a couple of hours she replied, "Dr. Shrestha does not have any problem letting patients treat at home and the problem is usually finding a local oncologist who does not mind doing it.  If you can visit with a local oncologist and they will work with us, we do not mind?"  I called Pat and relayed the news from Adeline, and I told him I would make some calls and see if we could find an oncologist here in Fort Worth before we leave for Tulsa on Thursday.  He suggested that I call Texas Oncology and they said that they would be happy to work with us and asked me to get all of Pat's medical records so that they can  set up for his next treatment. Well, I am getting excited at this point.  My contact at Texas Oncology suggested that I call my health insurance company and make sure they would cover two oncologists.  This call lasted just a bit longer as I waited while she talked to her supervisor. She put me on hold and within ten minutes, I had a "yes".  When I called Pat, all he heard was me crying.  I was so thankful that God opened this door and stunned by the fact it was approved by the different channels within one hour!  We will return to Tulsa for scans and recommendations, and all of these details will have to be worked out as well his pain management doctor and prescriptions.

This is such an answer to prayer and Pat said that it was one that he has been praying about for some time.  Pat will be able to have the 48 hour infusion at home and we will not be away from our family and friends. We are also thankful for the money we will save by not having to travel to Tulsa every two weeks. When he were told that his new chemo treatment would require us to stay in Tulsa four to five days each time and my heart hurt knowing we would be missing a lot of Garrett's basketball games as well as our Life Group and other weekend activities that are important to us.  I remember asking the Lord if he would possibly change our situation in the future.  It was one of those prayers that was more like a wish than a prayer request. He heard me.

Tonight I am in complete awe of God and what he has done for our family.   The past few weeks I have seen Him at work through answered prayer and His many provisions for us.  God knows our needs intimately and has orchestrated so many events to allow us to see His divine hand.

So, I close tonight with such a thankful and adoring heart.  I am blown away of JUST how faithful God is and I am forever changed.

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