Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Morning Update

TGIF for most of you, but Pat and I can't remember what day it is and he argued with me this morning that today was Saturday and even asked the nurse. He was not happy that he gained a day. I wish I could report that he is feeling better, but he is not. He has had a miserable morning and reaching he is on the grumpy side. I can't blame him, but just giving you "nothing but the truth". Gladys, our nurse today, is so accommodating and has a great team spirit. The biggest culprit is still Pat's back pain. Our friend, Conny, brought up his back massager early this morning and I am giving him a lot of massages and hopefully, it is giving him some relief. Dr. Lin will be stopping by after he is out of surgery and address this with us. Pat is also feeling the effects of a bloated stomach, which is normal. He likes sitting in the recliner better than the bed and he actually asked for a new bed this morning. :) The charge nurse did say that these beds on this floor were made for patients who are not ambulatory and that is one of the complaints from patients like Pat. He is walking around a lot and likes to stand. Poor guy! I wish I could trade places with him.
Got a call from Bubba at 1:00 this morning complaining of a hurt shoulder that happened earlier in the evening, but I can't remember what the details were. He is at the doctor now and his throat has been hurting for several weeks now. It seems to get better with antibiotics, but keeps coming back. I will know more when he comes up here to the hospital after his doctor appointment......just got back. He may have a fractured shoulder and has his arm in a sling. We are waiting on the doctor to call with a report from the radiologist. His throat hurts because of allergies. Oh brother!
Thanks to all who are sending food to the house. Wendy has been coordinating the food along with Yolanda. Thanks guys! I appreciate you, Also, a big thank you to Greg Ryan of Chic-fil-A, as he is providing meals twice a week for a month. I was speechless and my boys were pumped. Thanks Greg so much! Some of you may not know that I am addicted to sweet tea and my favorite tea is from Chic-fil-A. I usually see Greg a couple times a week when I go through the drive thru. Thanks to my sweet, sweet friends who have been thoughtful and brought me my tea. Also those have helped us in so many ways and I don't want to say thanks again. It is 11:35 am and this is the latest here at the Harris Hilton. Please continue to pray for us all. I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but not complaining..just a new journey!
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