Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Update

I am sorry that I missed posting yesterday. Pat is doing so much better...actually he is getting a little feisty. I hear that is good news. Some days are just better than others, and that is what he is experiencing. I asked him if he was ready to kick the cat (although we don't have one) and he said yes, so I may be the cat! No, I am just kidding. He really is getting stir crazy. The diet change has worked tremendously. He is really eating well and he is digesting his food better. Pat did make the comment that this was a very long week.
I have been getting the guys ready for school which starts next. What I loved the most is that we made them do an overall of their rooms which means cleaning out closets, drawers, under the bed, etc. G went today to get his athletic gear for football, and Bubba bought his books on Monday. Sis has been sick for two days, but still trying to work. She also starts back to school next week. As far as me, I have been catching up on my to-do-list this week and I have been somewhat productive. I felt a little pampered today when I got a cut and color!
We are so thankful for the rain we received this week, all of your words of encouragement and prayers, and the wonderful food that has been delivered! We feel so loved!
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