Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Update

Saturday Evening - 8:45 pm
He has had a good afternoon. This evening he still has a headache, but we did find somewhat of a solution for this. We didn't know that we had to request the ibuprofen every six hours as we thought it was a scheduled medication. So, if we keep him medicated maybe his headaches will be less. Pat also got a CT scan about 3:00 this afternoon just to double check the droop of his face. We had some visitors today and our room is filled with flowers, balloons, candy and snacks, snacks, and more snacks. One visit was unexpected today, so I was surprised when my dad, Buster, walked in. Of course, I know my dad quite well so I should have been looking for him to walk in that door at anytime. He is my hero! G had a game tonight at 8:00 and will play again tomorrow. They are one and one. I just got a text from G and I think he is coming for a late evening visit to surprise his dad. Sis and Bubba had to work today, but popped in. Bubba works at a local sporting good store and since back to school shopping has begun, he is busy selling!
Love to all!
Saturday Morning - 9:00 am
Pat got a new bed yesterday and slept in it last night without too much complaint. Yesterday afternoon got better and he was relaxed. Last night he didn't sleep much and had the headache. He slept with a heating pad and that helped his back. Another change is a slight droop on the left side of his face. Dr. Lin was informed and he just wants to watch it. It is very slight. I understand that this can be caused by his medication. His nurse, Su, is very sharp and attentive. She took such good care of him last night and allowed me to sleep. It is 9:00 Saturday morning and he went for a walk by himself around the floor and is now sleeping in his chair. G had another game tonight at 8:00 pm. His team, Heat, has now won one and lost one. He will play in the morning too. Bubba had to work today as well as Sis. Bubba works at a local sporting good store and he says school shopping has begun and he has been busy selling!
Lots of love to all!

Now the latest with Matt's shoulder. Radiology wanted him to come over and do another x-ray on his shoulder. There is no separation or fracture. I am so thankful. Matt says that this was one of the most embarrassing moments in his life. He was at Bartlett Park and was walking along a small dock over a pond with a girl he just met. His foot slipped and he grabbed hold of the chain that was there. He flipped over the chain and he slammed into the dock. The pond is low of water, so the dock was over mud and he fell into it. He was covered with the mud and he said it stunk. He just through his shoes ($5.00 canvas shoes from Walmart) into the trash, took off his clothes, and walked to his truck in his boxers. Can you picture that? That makes me laugh. He also said that the truck wasn't near the dock. Oh how I wish I had a picture of that. What did the girl do? It scared her and she thought he was seriously hurt....but she called him the next day to check on him. What a great first impression, Bubba! He was laughing at himself along with us. G has a basketball tournament this weekend and the Ogdens are taking him to and from. They won their game last night. Sis has been coming before and after work. She has been given more responsibility at work and says that it is a little more stressful. She has been staying with a friend who is only a few minutes away from the hospital.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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